November 10, 2022

Affordable Housing Project With 316 Units Receives Approval From Sweetwater City Commission

According to Raul Rodriguez, managing member of CREI Holdings, the decision to expand their workforce housing development in Sweetwater, Florida was influenced by their experience with the desperate demand for housing. "We decided to build Li’l Abner III after experiencing firsthand the urgent need for affordable housing," Raul said. READ MORE
November 9, 2022

Fla. Officials OK 316-Unit Senior Apt. Complex In Sweetwater

Officials in Sweetwater, Florida, have signed off on a zoning change for CREI Holdings' plan to build a 316-unit third phase of the Li'l Abner workforce, affordable senior housing complex in the Miami suburb. READ MORE
October 21, 2022

Creative Solutions to South Florida’s Affordable Housing Crisis

Raul Rodriguez, managing member of CREI Holdings, highlights the importance of community engagement and sustainability in developing workforce, affordable housing solutions in South Florida, which is facing a crisis due to high land costs, limited availability, and a growing population. READ MORE
September 30, 2022

‘We’re Just Buying Time’: Hurricane Ian Is a Wake-Up Call for South Florida’s Real Estate Market

Raul Rodriguez, managing member of CREI Holdings, emphasized the vulnerability of mobile home parks to weather-related events like Hurricane Ian. He stated, "I am keenly aware of the impact of weather-related events. No one is safe when a hurricane hits, but mobile home parks can be especially vulnerable," Raul said. READ MORE
September 22, 2022

Miami-Dade approves $85M budget to make county more affordable

According to managing member of CREI Holdings Raul Rodriguez, there has always been a need for affordable, workforce housing in Miami-Dade County. He added, "Of course, the demand is higher now than ever before." The county's $85 million budget will provide funding for the construction of new affordable, workforce housing developments. READ MORE
September 18, 2022

Humble beginnings lead Sweetwater developer to give back to residents with affordable homes

Second-generation housing developer and CREI Holdings managing member Raul Rodriguez is giving back to his community and addressing Miami-Dade County’s workforce housing affordability crisis. With the average rent price exceeding the median income of most households in the region, Raul recognizes the urgent need for affordable, workforce housing options. READ MORE
September 14, 2022

Climate Change Is a Business Issue For Law Firms. Here’s How to Prepare

As the effects of climate change continue to impact the world, the need for environmentally sustainable housing has become increasingly important. Developers like CREI Holdings' managing member Raul Rodriguez are working to address this need by incorporating sustainable building practices and technologies into their projects. "Climate change has shaped my perspective on real estate and future projects," Raul said. READ MORE
July 19, 2022

Insurance and Operations Costs Crushing Affordable Seniors Housing

The rising costs of insurance and operations are making it increasingly difficult for developers to provide workforce, affordable housing options for seniors, which could lead to a shortage of such housing in the future. CREI Holdings' managing member Raul Rodriguez, a developer who has been active in building workforce, affordable housing, stated that "no one in the region can afford to build affordable housing anymore." READ MORE
July 14, 2022

BUILDING BURDEN Rising construction costs weigh down profits

Rising construction costs are creating challenges for developers seeking to build workforce, affordable housing in South Florida. According to Raul Rodriguez, managing member of CREI Holdings, building and maintaining workforce, affordable housing is becoming increasingly difficult, and developers will need more public assistance to make attainable housing a reality. READ MORE