March 3, 2023

Local nonprofit treats 16 children fighting medical conditions, families to Disney vacation

Raul Rodriguez, founder of the Li'l Abner Foundation, expressed his emotional response to the foundation's annual Disney on Wheels trip, saying "It gets a little bit emotional, right? Because these kids, just the fact that they’re there, are smiling and crying." Li'l Abner Foundation took 16 children with medical conditions and their families on a trip to Disney World as part of its efforts to provide support and opportunities for families dealing with medical challenges. READ MORE
March 3, 2023

16 South Florida Children With Terminal Illnesses Head to Disney World For Trip of a Lifetime

Before the Li'l Abner Foundation's Disney on Wheels trip, Diana Insignares, who helped organize the trip to Disney World for children with terminal illnesses, noted the importance of safety and ensuring that the children are well taken care of during the trip. She said, "So that's why Raul makes sure that we are well-equipped with paramedics. We have the police department that goes with us to help us." READ MORE
February 18, 2023

State to tackle affordable housing crisis as newest senior housing project opens in Miami-Dade

Raul Rodriguez, managing member of CREI Holdings, highlights the importance of collaboration between developers and the government to address affordable, workforce housing challenges. He said, "Not only do you need the developers, but you need the government to work together to come up with solutions." Florida has proposed a bill that aims to increase funding for workforce, affordable housing developers and limit local rent controls, with the goal of boosting the supply of workforce, affordable housing in the state. READ MORE
February 17, 2023

Opening of affordable housing in Sweetwater

According to Raul Rodriguez, managing member of CREI Holdings, the cost of development, including hard construction, soft costs, and the price of the property, was nearly $45 million, with the cost of building and materials alone totaling $30 million. The development aims to provide affordable housing options for workforce, low-income families and help address the affordable housing crisis in the region. READ MORE
February 15, 2023

Inauguran viviendas asequibles en Sweetwater

El desarrollador CREI Holdings se asoció con el gobierno de la ciudad para desarrollar nuevas unidades de vivienda asequible en Sweetwater, Florida. El desarrollo tiene como objetivo brindar opciones de vivienda asequible para la fuerza laboral, las familias de bajos ingresos y contribuir a abordar la crisis de vivienda asequible en la región. READ MORE
November 21, 2022

“Alarming” Housing Crisis In South Florida Spurs Search For Solutions

Raul Rodriguez, managing member of CREI Holdings, points out the importance of public-private partnerships in addressing the workforce, affordable housing crisis in Miami. He noted that more funding is needed to support affordable housing development, saying, "Now more than ever we need that private-public relationship to work harder to get more funding." READ MORE
November 15, 2022

CREI Holdings Plans 316-Unit Affordable Housing Expansion in Sweetwater, Florida

Raul Rodriguez, managing member of CREI Holdings, stated, "CREI Holdings is committed to providing affordable and workforce housing for seniors who are being squeezed out of the Miami-Dade market by skyrocketing rents." The company plans to expand its affordable housing development in Sweetwater, Florida by adding 316 new workforce, affordable housing units in it's Li'l Abner III building. READ MORE
November 10, 2022

Affordable Housing Project With 316 Units Receives Approval From Sweetwater City Commission

According to Raul Rodriguez, managing member of CREI Holdings, the decision to expand their workforce housing development in Sweetwater, Florida was influenced by their experience with the desperate demand for housing. "We decided to build Li’l Abner III after experiencing firsthand the urgent need for affordable housing," Raul said. READ MORE
November 9, 2022

Fla. Officials OK 316-Unit Senior Apt. Complex In Sweetwater

Officials in Sweetwater, Florida, have signed off on a zoning change for CREI Holdings' plan to build a 316-unit third phase of the Li'l Abner workforce, affordable senior housing complex in the Miami suburb. READ MORE