For over 40 years, we’ve put our shared belief into practice:

Everyone deserves a safe, affordable place to call home.

Founded in 1982, CREI Holdings is firmly committed to delivering and managing world-class, affordable and workforce housing projects that meet critical housing needs in the Sweetwater community.

We’ve seen firsthand how effective our efforts have been in generating economic growth, in supporting hard-working families, seniors and local youth; and in promoting education and career development.

The result has been a stronger sense of community felt by people here, with countless individual success stories.

Our Leadership


Managing Member, CREI Holdings, LLC

Raul F. Rodriguez is CEO of CREI Holdings, an affordable, workforce housing development firm based in Miami. Founded in 1982, CREI Holdings delivers and manages world-class, affordable and workforce housing projects that meet critical housing needs in  Miami-Dade County. CREI’s developments are designed to ignite economic growth in low-income areas and support hard-working families, seniors and local youth. Building well-thought-out housing developments has helped neighborhoods build a stronger sense of community. 

Under Raul’s leadership, CREI has grown to own and operate Li’l Abner Apartments I (87 units) and Li’l Abner Apartments II (244 units) in Sweetwater, near Florida International University’s South Campus. CREI is moving forward with Li’l Abner Apartments III (316 units) to help ease the demand for workforce housing in the region.

Raul is also the Founder and CEO of National Health Transport, a medical and non-medical transportation company based in Miami. The state-of-the-art  training provided to NHT staff has allowed the company to provide superior patient care and great customer service, fueling its continued growth across Florida.

As a philanthropist, Raul has established the Li’l Abner Foundation in 2009 to provide free after-school activities such as tutoring and dance classes, archery and taekwondo. The foundation, which offers services to 20,000 residents of the City of Sweetwater, also provides scholarships for children to attend Belen Jesuit Preparatory School from 6th to 12th grades and for adults to attend Florida International University for up to 5 years and earn a degree. Under Raul’s leadership, the foundation takes around 16 medically, fragile, and sometimes terminally ill children from Miami-Dade County every year on a  trip of their dream to Disney World. Raul also spearheads the Annual Thanksgiving Bash in Sweetwater where thousands of residents gather for a warm turkey meal, toys, fun and more. 

When not working or spending time with his family, Raul is devoted to community service. He’s been an active member of Florida International University’s Honors College Community Advisory Board since 2010 as well as a Belen Jesuit Preparatory School Delegate. Raul also serves as a SWAT team police officer in Sweetwater and teaches youngsters martial arts at the Li’l Abner Community Center.

A graduate of Belen Jesuit Preparatory School, Raul attended the Real Colegio Universitario Escorial Maria Cristina in Madrid, Spain, as well as Florida International University.

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